4WEB Medical is an implant device company founded in 2008 in Dallas, Texas. Thirty years of research in topological dimension theory led to the discovery of a novel geometry, the 4WEB, that can be used as a building block to create high-strength, lightweight web structures. The company leveraged this breakthrough along with cutting-edge 3D printing technology to develop 4WEB Medical’s proprietary truss implant platform.

The manufacturing process used to produce 4WEB’s proprietary Truss Implant Technology™ creates a hierarchical surface roughness which contains surface features that span from the macro to nano scale. 4WEB’s hierarchical surface roughness has been shown to provide an environment that allows for bone growth and fusion. Additionally, in vitro testing has also shown that stem cells cultured in an osteogenic medium demonstrate increased expression of certain osteogenic markers on 4WEB’s titanium hierarchical surface roughness compared to smooth titanium and smooth PEEK. Please note that in vitro and in vivo testing may not be indicative of clinical performance.

The 4WEB Medical product portfolio includes the Cervical Spine Truss System, the Anterior Spine Truss System, the Posterior Spine Truss System, the Lateral Spine Truss System, the Stand Alone Cervical Spine Truss System, the Stand Alone Anterior Spine Truss System, the Lumbar Spine Plating Solution, the Hammertoe Truss System, and the Osteotomy Truss System. 4WEB is actively developing truss implant designs for knee, hip, trauma and patient specific orthopedic procedures.

4WEB Medical offers the following FDA-cleared implant systems:

Posterior Spine Truss System

Anterior Spine Truss System

Cervical Spine Truss System

Osteotomy Truss System

Hammertoe Truss System

Lateral Spine Truss System

Stand Alone Anterior Spine Truss System

Stand Alone Cervical Spine Truss System

Lumbar Spine Plating Solution