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4WEB Medical’s proprietary Truss Implant Technology™ delivers strain to adjacent cellular material which stimulates a mechanobiologic response1,2,9.

Stand Alone
Anterior Spine
Truss System

The implant features an integrated interface for three fixation screws while maintaining the open architecture and fundamental benefits inherent to the truss design. The product line is available in multiple footprints, lordotic angles, and heights to accommodate varying patient anatomy.

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Lumbar Spine Plating Solution

The lumbar plating solution consists of a wide variety of modular plating configurations to address multiple lumbar spine pathologies and approaches. The device provides an integrated and non-integrated offering with a one, two and four screw option.

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Stand Alone Cervical
Spine Truss System™

Available now in multiple diameters and angles. Click below to learn more about the new addition to our portfolio.

Stand Alone Solutions

Stand Alone Anterior Spine Truss System

Stand Alone Solutions

4WEB Medical’s Stand Alone products are designed to allow fixation screws to be placed through the truss implant and into the adjacent vertebral bodies creating a zero-profile stand-alone construct that removes the need for a traditional plate and screw fixation.

Stand Alone Cervical Spine Truss System

Total Lateral Solution

Access > Interbody > Fixation

Snow shoe interface optimizes load distribution, maximizes endplate contact, and has superior resistance to subsidence when compared to traditional open interbody devices 4,5,6,7,8.

Our Implants

Implant Function Through Structural Design

4WEB Medical’s truss implants feature a complete line of titanium interbody fusion devices with an advanced structural design produced with additive manufacturing. The truss implants are designed to actively participate in the fusion process in order to optimize patient outcomes 1,2,3,9.

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Cervical and Lumbar Spine Solutions



Osteotomy and Hammertoe Solutions

Real Surgeon Experiences

“Using a 4WEB device allows me to predictably offer my patients a fusion in the interbody space.”

– Dr. Kris Radcliff

Real Surgeon Experiences

“It was such a differentiator from the other products on the market.”

– Dr. Safdar Khan

Real Surgeon Experiences

“Out of all the products on the market, they probably have the best selection.”

– Dr. Brian Ipsen